King Solomon's Lodge

The Order of the Amaranth

The Order of the Amaranth is a society to which Master Masons and their female relatives may belong. Amaranth teaches the virtues of: Truth, Faith, Wisdom, and Charity.

It was originally designed by Brother Robert Macoy while he was in charge of Order of the Eastern Star to be the third or highest degree in the "Rite of Adoption", which was formed by appending two higher, separately conferred degrees the Eastern Star, while keeping them under control of one body. (The second degree in this system was "The Queen of the South")

From 1827 to 1921, the Order of the Eastern Star was prerequisite to Amaranth, and good standing in Eastern Star was required to maintain membership in Amaranth. After 1921, this requirement was dropped by agreement of both groups and today they are completely separate organizations.

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