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First Name:Chandra
Last Name:Mohan
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Member Since:2008-07-20

About Me

PM, Kerala Lodge 2188 EC, DGChaplain, DG Lodge Of Madras, PDGScribe N, DG Chapter of Madras, PDG Registrar, DG Lodgeof MMM, PGStd Br,PDGG Order of Secret Monitor, PCN, Provincial Grand Inspector of Works, Provincial Grand Lodge of Ireland in India, PM, Saxena Lodge 815 IC, Member Lodge Imperial Brotherhood 1041 Scottish Constitution, Most Wise Sovereign, Calicut Chapter Rose Croix no15, JW, Court of Calicut no.37, Masonic Court of Athelstan. Member, QC, Correspondence Circle. To join the the to be consecrated Council of AMD. Am a vey keen mason and an ardent reader on masonry.

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